The vineyard in spring


The plantation is done before the end of May, after a rest period and preparation of the soil. It is only after the growth of the third leaf that the vines will produce Champagne titled grapes; in other words, two years after the plantation.

Plantation is strictly regulated in order to respect the best-suited practices to work the soil and vineyards.


Debudding is done in the middle of May. This operation consists of removing all the non-fruit bearing buds (called «gourmands») growing on the old branches, that could divert the sap from the main buds.
This manual task is done in several times, upon the winegrower's decision.

Binding the vine

In order to control the growth, the binding consists of tying the vine shoots onto an iron wire, and tying the vines to a support wire with small iron wires using pliers.




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