You may decant an old vinous vintage in order to focus on its aromatic potential and better appreciate its virtues.
Finding out if your Champagne needs decanting is easy. Simply pour yourself a glass and taste it. Wait 15 minutes, then, taste it again. If you prefer it the second time, don't hesitate to transfer into a carafe.If your guests find your Champagne too aggressive, it can also indicate that decanting would provide great benefit to

How to decant Champagne

Decanting is a process that also involves delicately taken steps to transcend Champagne flavours.
First off, the type of carafe must be chosen wisely. Avoid going for a wide-bottom wine carafe that would disperse aromas too much. Choose a more narrow decanter.
Make sure that your Champagne gets maintained a the right temperature by putting your empty carafe 2 to 3 hours in the refrigerator prior to the transfer.
Pour the Champagne in the carafe by letting it run gently along the sides. If it is poured to brutally, aromas and effervescence will be greatly damaged. 15 minutes of decanting is just enough to obtain good airing of the Champagne.
Now you know everything there is to know in order to offer your guests a Champagne tasting worthy of the greatest sommeliers!


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