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Walking Tour

Welcome to Trélou-sur-Marne, in the heart of the Champagne vineyards and the UNESCO World Heritage Vallée de La Marne.
Winegrowers from here have gotten together to create two walking tours to make you discover their work. If you wish to end the tour with a tasting, welcome to Champagne Météyer Père & Fils!

La Goutte d’Or (The Golden Drop)

This short walk is a concentrated tour on what Vallée de la Marne has best to offer; a beautiful well-preserved village, picturesque vineyard landscapes and passionate people who are very attached to their land.  The tour ends with a visit of one of the many Trelou-sur-Marne winegrower's Maison (with moderation!)

La Pétillante Demoiselle (The Sparkling Lady)

Starting at the winegrowing enterprises, this tour will take you on a climbing adventure to uncover an extraordinary view on the meandering Marne river.  On the way down, we strongly suggest taking the path off-road, leading you to the Marne banks, and why not, stopping by Champagne Météyer for a tasting?  With moderation of course... and only after the walk!

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